Gucci Mamont Small Matlase Shoulder Bag

by - March 16, 2021

Hi guys and welcome back to another luxury post! This time it’s on the Gucci handbag review! Hope y’all enjoyed this type of post! I always find it fun to both photo and read unboxing bag. This is not meant to brag I just know y’all like this type of content. I’m always worried about coming across braggy or materialistic when talking about big designer purchases.

So in this weeks post, we’re doing an unboxing of the Gucci Mamont Small Matlase Shoulder Bag. The Gucci Mamont Small Matlase Shoulder Bag in Hibiscus red leather was my first Gucci bag. Yay! I have been wanting one for forever and love the color I went with. I have never been a crossbody bag girl and always preferred larger styles but everything changed since I treated myself to the first Gucci Mamont bag and realised how usable they could be.

It was love at first sight and I knew from the moment I first saw the bag that I had to make you mine. The quilted design of the Gucci Mamont Small Matlase Shoulder Bag makes it so easy to wear with a variety of outfits and color combinations. The Gucci brand is really great at breathing new life into its classic pieces with pretty colors, and prints. In my opinion, it consistently produces bags that are the perfect blend of feminine, classic, fun, and trendy, and because of this, I do feel that this bag has a pretty good chance of staying relevant.

This bag is one of  Gucci’s most popular pieces because of its simplistic, feminine design – and because it’s available in various materials, colors, and sizes. I was absolutely mesmerised by the interlocking GG logo. I like that it’s not too big or too small, making it a versatile pick for any occasion, including evening events. It’s also roomy enough for all your daily essentials, including a phone, portable charger, wallet, mirror, perfume, some medicines, and tissue. 

The Gucci Mamont Small Matlase Shoulder Bag is instantly recognisable for its simple, boxy silhouette and sharp corners, embellished only with a contrasting, bold-looking link chain strap which is the main feature of the bag. I particularly loved how it small it appeared but is actually quite spacious inside. It’s big enough to hold all my essentials.

The accompanying shoulder strap is adjustable, comfortable, and the perfect length for my petite body type. Although most people go for the durable caviar leather instead of the more delicate lambskin leather, after seeing the bags in person I knew my first bag in red had to be in lambskin. It’s much more striking and I also knew this was not going to be an every day bag for me.

Lambskin has a reputation for being super delicate and prone to wear and tear, I was extremely worried about scuffs and marks. However, having used the bag for a couple of months now, I can confidently say that the leather is a lot more durable than I was led to believe. Aside from a very faint scuff on the inner surface of the handle that was already present on the bag at the time of purchase, there are no other scuffs or scratches on the bag that I can see. I'll shield it against my body while I'm walking in crowded areas or narrow spaces as that's when most scratches occur. Now, I still treat my bags extremely well. I have built-in shelves in my closet for them. I keep all my dust bags. I still wipe them down once a month. I have a pretty strict purse organization routine.

While I love much of the entire collection, the GG Marmont Maltelasse Small Shoulder Bag is my favourite. It’s such a fun yet practical bag with its lambskin stitching and large GG logo. If you are looking for something easy to style and transition from day to night, this handbag is one of the best purchases you can make. The available colours for the small GG Marmont shoulder bag change seasonally so if you love a certain colour I recommend buying it ASAP!

I got mine from Lotte Duty Free shop in South Korea and have had a great experience. They do a great job of packaging everything immaculately.

Even the staff who worked there gave me a very touching letter.

That's it for me, hope you all have a great Monday! Thanks for reading! If you want to get a bag the same as me check here.

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