Dog Shaped Mousse Cake at C for Cupcakes Cafe

by - April 23, 2021

Hi guys! Finally I have some time to writing a post and do another of these blog posts where I can just sit down and write whatever is on my mind! I know this post is way overdue... but last year I went to the C of Cupcake & Cofee cafe in Jakarta for breakfast and you can also watch the amazing view from here. I read about this place on Instagram, and I decided to give it a try! Warning!!! This blog post is overload with so much cuteness, their cuteness can instantly brighten up your mood.

A well-decorated front door can add endless appeal to people to come.

The store decor is aesthetically eyeing pleasing and super instagrammable with their elegant and classy decor earth tone color, rattan ornaments, swing, and dried flowers, no wonder so many women would want to take a photo here.

A classy, cute, and elegant interior inside the cafe.

They have a wonderful selection of cakes, coffee, tea, and some foods.

The cafe offers various coffee and non coffee beverages with a few food selection. I am really confused about which cake to choose. All the cakes look delicious and the shapes of the cakes are very cute. =P

There are a few different seating options to choose from.

The cafe decor is always on point with beautifully arranged ornaments, wooden furniture and cute wallpaper on the wall.

Drinks menu list.

Kitchen coffee or tea station cabinet

Many small dog statues or puppy pictures are very cute and surrounded by several plants or flowers in a pot.

We were bought Dog Shaped Mousse Cake and Lavender Tea for two.
I’m a sucker for cute presentation, the reason I ordered this cake is because the cute doggy shaped chocolate. I gotta admit cutting the cake feels so sad since it looks so cute, but well a cake is a cake. The dark chocolate mousse cake tastes actually good, soft smooth with rich bitter sweet chocolate taste and interesting crunchy texture in the middle.
It has nice details in it, at glance it looks like dog display ornament instead of cake. The chocolate cake was really nice, not too sweet, and really soft. Since it’s available in limited amount everyday, if this is the main reason of your visit, try to go early when the store opens as some of the cakes run out really fast.

Cup is so cute! The scent of lavender tea is not too strong, you can barely smell the lavender scent. the quality of the tea with the price of the tea is not comparable. but it's okay just for my experience trying something unique in Jakarta.


C for Cupcakes & Coffee
Jl. Pluit Karang Utara no. 52
North Jakarta , 14450
Phone: +6281315879119

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  1. The cafe' is GREAT! I like your photos! The cakes are delicious especially the dog shaped cake!

  2. que bonito todo lo que nos enseñas, la primera foto es adorable

  3. Wow! Amazing place! Decorations are so beautiful :)


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