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by - April 06, 2021

Hi guys! Today I'm going to blog about the rest of my day in 더 현대 서울 (The Hyundai Seoul). I heard so much about The Hyundai Seoul which is located in Yeouido, Seoul. I was even impressed when I saw the photo of this place on social media so I decided to visit it once because I am so eager to see how it looks like in reality. I will try my best to clear all of my pending travel posts such as Japan and Taiwan travelogue.

Outside the building.

Floor guide and the maps.

Inside The Hyundai Seoul. We stayed here for almost an hours just roaming around and taking pictures. I was not expecting too much but was totally surprised with the cleanliness and layout of the place.

The Hyundai Seoul is one of the newest shopping centers in Yeouido which is probably the most amazing shopping mall I have seen in the Korea. 

You have to deal with the crowded if you are planning to come here in the afternoon.

We walked first around downstairs the mall. A lot of people were there because it was lunchtime at that time.

From the seventh basement floor to the eighth floor above ground, there are a total of around 600 stores at The Hyundai Seoul.

It's too expensive here, but I love window shopping.

The Hyundai Seoul caught the attention of Korean and foreigners for it's unique structure, color and style that was a look alike in the garden. 

This is sure to become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Korea.

On the 3rd floor, there are several cafes that you can visit, sit while enjoying coffee or tea.

The Hyundai Seoul is targeting nearby high-income banking and finance office workers, as well as foreigners.

We really enjoyed our first time visit here, the place is just astoundingly beautiful.

The Hyundai Seoul has rethought space and its use in order to make the customer shopping experience feel like “healing therapy.”

One of the best tourist spot they have is the trees, a lifestyle shopping mall with fresh plants along every part.

Who doesn’t want like going garden without spending too much? No wonder why people come here just for taking pictures. Take note that roaming around here is for free (no entrance fee), so go ahead and enjoy your day.

I like the ambiance inside of this mall. 

Even the decoration was surrounded by greenery.

It has several restaurants and cafes where you can have your fill while enjoying the scenery.

We decided to go to Michele coffee Cafe, where we can have a drink is a great way to pass the time while you are deciding what to have lunch with.

I ordered Orangeade and Oppa ordered an Americano. The price is too expensive but the quality is not worth the price we paid.

It is great to take photos with the city buildings as background. Here are some photos of when I was in the mall.

My outfits of the day:
Coat: Song Zio
Pants: H&M
Bag: Chanel
Shoes: Nike
Sweater: Guess

Some food trucks are operating at malls.

The B1 floor is surrounded by so many restaurants, cafes, and bakery varying from high-end to cheap eats.

After that, we decided to eat since we were so hungry and tired already, so we decided to go to this restaurant.

Because many people are waiting their turn to eat here, we have to wait and take the queue number.

Check out their wide selection of food and drink options.

This may be a Korean side dish but it suits a Hongkong table of side dishes perfectly well too.

Milk tea

The taste of this flavor isn't anything crazy but it is addicting.

I ordered a noodle in beef broth and my husband ordered knife-cut noodles with meat jajang sauce.

Knife-cut noodles with meat jajang sauce. The jajang sauce is a little bit salty so it makes it hard for my husband to eat it. Hongkong Jajang sauces are not like Korean jajang sauce. According to my husband, the rice noodles are delicious and the texture is soft too.

A noodle in beef broth. The soup was delicious and tasted but the noodles were a bit mushy and not chewy. The beef that was given was also very little.

Truffle cha siu bao. The pork was a bit smelly and not as good as I imagined.

Xiao long bao. The xiao long bao tastes good and the texture is soft.

Park One , 22, Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul (Parc. 1)

Main Phone:

Opening hours:
Weekdays (Monday-Thursday)
10:30 ~ 20:00
Weekend (Fri-Sun)
10:30 ~ 20:30
Restaurant street
10:30 ~ 22:00

That's all for today. I will blog about another post soon so remember to stay tuned at my blog.

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  1. Those staircases with the pools in them really look stunning! Hope they are not closed now during the pandemics, our malls are mostly closed, sadly.

  2. Great review and beautiful photos! :)


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