One day at Yongdusan Park and Busan Tower

by - May 05, 2021

Hi guys! I love Busan because is a much more quiet, yet very vibrant city in comparison to Seoul. There are many things to do in Busan, including taking a trip up to the Busan Tower and Yongdusan Park for some amazing views of the city. So our first stop during our first day of touring in Busan was  (용두산공원) and Busan Tower (부산타워). Thanks to Oppa who did all the research and planning before our trip.

We tried so hard to go up via the stairs to Yongdusan Park.

Yongdusan Park is a park located in Jung-gu, Busan, South Korea. The 120-meter-high Busan Tower is located here. Yongdu means “dragon’s head” and “san” means “mountain”. The name is an allusion to the similarity of the mountain park, which is said to resemble a dragon’s head.

Directions to your destination location.

Choryang Oegwan.

This park having great ambience with artificial waterfall. 

We were lucky that we visited during the nice weather. The first thing we saw upon reaching on top. It was quite a climb to get to the park, but well worth the peace and tranquility there.

Busan Tower is a symbol of Busan that stands proudly 69 m above sea level at a height of 120 m. The top of the tower is modeled after the baldaquin of Dabotap Pagoda in Bulguksa Temple, Gyeongju.

Flower clock (73.10.8))- 5m in diameter.

One of the highlights of Yongdusan Park is the statue of Yi Sun-sin, Korea’s 16th-century naval hero.

The park also has a bust of writer Ahn Huijae. There is also the commemorative monument for the April 19th anti-government student protests.

Bell of the Citizens at Yongdusan Park is aptly named because it was funded with over 100,000 donations by Busan residents. The 25 ton, copper Korean bell (beomjong) was designed by Seung-rae Cho, a professor at Pusan National University, and manufactured by Hongjongsa in 1996. The etchings portray a dragon and nature scenes of the local area. Busan Citizens’ Bell is stuck ten times as a countdown during New Year’s Eve. It is also tolled on Independence Day (March 1) and Liberation Day (August 15).

Dragon Statue at Yongdusan Park in Busan.

I was surprised to find a lot of padlock and love notes here.

You can buy the padlocks or love notes from the souvenir shop at the Busan Tower and lock them on the place they provided.

Writing love notes is one of the most romantic things we like to do.

The park has some cafe and some of the restaurants. We stopped for coffee at this local Korean cafe. A Twosome Place Cafe is a great spot to enjoy the views and rest your tired legs.

The cafe is spacious and has plenty of windows so you can watch the beauty of the Busan.

We ordered a New York cheesecake, Tiramisu cake, and an Iced Coffee to share. Only tiramisu cake taste good but the New York cheesecake is too sweet and it doesn't taste like cheesecake. We, unfortunately, couldn't finish our cheesecake.

Iced coffee is just okay.

You have to buy tickets before enter the observation deck to the Busan Tower at a counter outside the entrance.

After having a rest for a while, we headed up to Busan Tower to the observatory to see the skyscape of Busan.

We took the elevator up to the top of the 120-meter high tower and enjoyed the 360-degree view of Busan.

Busan Tower it was built in 1973 and stands 120 meters above the Pusan landscape.  On a clear day, you can see most of the metropolitan area and beyond. 

Each section of large windows is complete with a small diagram to show you what buildings you can see in the distance.

Media art and VR are available to add more variety and entertainment.

This is an amazing place for trick photography and you can get cool photos of yourself by interacting with 3D paintings.

There is also a gift shop here in case if you want to buy something as a present. Oppa bought me a Moony Orgel Music Box. I loved the Moony Orgel Music Box! The instrument songs in this music box are beautiful and sweet to hear.

I bought 2 key chains and a pair of magnets to put in front of the refrigerator door.

Loved the little key chains but expensive for a keychain.

Overall, Yongdusan park and Busan Tower isn't very big and I'd say spending 4-5 hours there is more than sufficient. This one should definitely be on top of your list as you can see whole Busan way up high from Busan Tower. We were enjoying the moment and took pictures here and there, we were such narcists! LOL! 

That's all for my travelogue for Yongsusan Park and Busan Tower. If you think the post is useful, kindly share this post to your friends. Hope you guys enjoy reading it and if you have any inquiry, please don't hesitate to leave a comment so I can reply you guys asap.

Busan Tower (부산타워)

37-30 Yongdusan-gil, Gwangbokdong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Busan
(부산광역시 중구 광복동2가 용두산길 37-30)

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