Goodbye 2020 Welcome 2021

by - January 01, 2021

2020 has been a roller coaster ride for me, I'm happy for the experiences I got, good and bad both. There were decisions that has to be made and it leaves a big impact for my life and so much happening suddenly without warning. I can’t thank enough to my husband and best friends for always providing me with the best they can and special thanks to Oppa for the never ending pampering treats. Big hug to hubby, best friends who stayed, tolerating all my weird habits and never getting tired of my blabbering.

This last day when I hark back to some situations, days, and moments I feel the regrets I have had, or for the heartless people I have met, both are an excellent source of experiential learning. Yes, I admit that I am so lucky to have some excellent and trustworthy people around me, backing me on every decision I make and showing me the right path if I ever deviate from it. I promise to myself, and this year is all about self-love and self-care. I can’t wait to love myself endlessly through lots of reading, travelling and, yes, eating! lol

Sometimes you have to feel contented with your current life appreciate what you have, so that you have the positive energy to go after more. If you keep complaining, you will reach nowhere and also not able to see the happiness you already have. Be grateful and you will be happy!

My achievements this year is left unknown. To be honest I don't share much about my business to the people around me, I just keep going and going with my partners. But of course I always shared the info to my husband. Haha. So basically only my husband would know what exactly I've been doing. While the rest, they just know that I am pretty busy but don't really know what I am doing exactly or maybe some people would even doubt my job and schedule. Haha. I always choose to stay quiet until everything is settled and assured.

Tho I seem so carefree, bubbly, and cheerful all the time, that was basically me, hoping to be free. Do not judge someone life or activities based on social media, because if you do well, you've turned social media into poison. There is still a boundary to the platform and something called privacy, in which, would be impossible to share.


Jacket: UNIQLO

Shoes: NIKE


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  1. I wish you the best this year, and hope we can meet again really soon ❤


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