The Botanical Garden BCJ in Paju

by - January 22, 2021

Hi guys! How're things going on? It’s a little overwhelming on my end with so many planning going on. This will be a really long post so read it while you are not busy peeps. Today I want to share the beautiful place that you must visit in Korea which very good for a photoshoot or prewedding photo shoot.

The Botanical Garden BCJ is located in the countryside of Paju City in Gyeonggi Province about an hour drive from downtown Seoul. I first came to know of this place because of Devilish Joy drama (마성의 기쁨). After I watched that drama, I had wanted to visit The Botanical Garden BCJ and save on my travel bucket list.

The first thing to do when we arrive at the Botanical Garden BCJ is to get a guide map to make planning our visit easier. You can get a guide map at the entrance.

The Botanical Garden BCJ was established in 1965 on the belief that nature brings great joy into people's lives. Located in a suburb of the Seoul Metropolitan area, it is a perfect natural getaway for urban residents, as well as an important habitat for the preservation of diverse plant species from home and abroad. Moreover, the BCJ offers exciting hands-on experience programs, and also serves food and drinks made with herbs at its restaurant and cafe.

There is a huge tree which is surrounded by colorful flowers and I found it really beautiful.

We came across this cafe while in the Garden BCJ and decided to go for a drink. I ordered a ginger Ice Tea and my husband ordered an iced coffee.

They have some huge trees and all plants, flowers and trees are artistically displayed. It is just beautiful! If you're feeling slightly overwhelmed by the rush of the city, then head on over to magnificent The  Botanical Garden BCJ, where you can easily spend a half day or more leisurely exploring and taking in the greenery.

This is so unique it reminds me of the Christmas tree.

If you cannot decide where to go among the many options on the map, turn right at the Byeokchoji Pond located on the left of the entrance to the European Queen’s Garden. If you're a fan of Korean drama, this location should be really familiar to you.

Once we enter the garden, we amazed by a meticulously kept array of European art sculptures. The Botanical Garden BCJ, known for its Korean-European theme, has been a popular filming site for many Korean dramas.

The various theme divisions and garden layout give off a European vibe. It took 10 years to create the over 120,000 square meters of gardens that feature a riveting combination of traditional Korean and European style landscaping.

I walked amongst the carefully cultivated gardens and beautiful flowers.

You will find a picturesque central pond with a fountain at a wide grass square surrounded by a lot of trees and flowers.

You can stroll around the European-style garden while admiring the European statues around it. Don't forget to take as much photo as possible when you see the European sculptures in this garden. Trust me, it was totally worth it.

I spent quite some time in the garden taking pictures with the statues with silly poses. Forgive me, guys!

Water ball fountain in The Botanical Garden BCJ. This ball fountain is unique as the water allows the ball to be moved and spun by hand. Worth a look, just don't get wet.

This small house should look really pretty at night when it lights up. During the winter The Botanical Garden offers the festival of lights which runs from December to February, the Garden of BCJ remains a “hot” spot even when the temperature drops below freezing.

Nothing beats relaxing in the garden surrounded by stunning scenery.

This Botanical Garden BCJ has a cool and spacious lawn square surrounded by trees, flowers with several types of fountains. 

This fountain is smaller in size but the shape is very beautiful.

By far the most beautiful waterfall I have ever witnessed with my eyes.

The Botanical Garden of Byeokchoji has a meaning of the place having harmony with flowers and trees, plants and water.

 This garden is nice to walk through and they keep it very clean and maintained.

Too bad many plants have withered, but it's okay I still enjoy the beauty of these plants.

Visitors can enjoy this area which is a famous filming spot. This garden appears as the garden of ‘Healing Village’ in Devilish Joy (마성의 기쁨) (MBN/Drama, 2018).

List of Korean dramas that use The Botanical Garden location for shooting:
Devilish Joy (2018); A Poem A Day (2018); The Great Seducer (2018); Bride of the Water God 2017 (2017); Second to Last Love (2016), Cinderella and Four Knights (2016), Doctors (2016); Beautiful Gong Shim (2016); Five Children (2016), Descendants of the Sun (2016); She Was Pretty (2015); Mask (2015); Angel Eyes (2014); The Master's Sun (2013), I Need Romance 2 (2012); Arang and the Magistrate (2012); Rooftop Prince (2012); Bridal Mask (2012); City Hunter (2011), 49 Days (2011), Deep Rooted Tree (2011); Playful Kiss (2010); Boys Over Flowers (2009), You're Beautiful (2009).

Ponds at the base were clear and clean.

Such a beautiful park to enjoy on a day out, great scenery to relax and take pictures.

We couldn’t resist taking pictures with the flowers.

This set was made to shoot a drama called Devilish Joy. Whether you're a Devilish Joy drama fan or not, the Devilish Joy drama set is a must-see if you're anywhere nearby. The setting place is very picturesque and magical.

Overall, entering the Botanical Garden BCJ (벽초지 문화수목원) require tickets which is a little bit expensive however The Botanical Garden is worth a visit, not only because they are the host to many a filming, but also because they are simply beautiful. We had a great time out there and were lucky to be blessed with such a fine day. If you are visiting the Paju area, don’t miss this awesome garden! This is going to be a great place for nature lovers.


• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-31-957-2004

Admission Fees:
Individuals – Adults 9,000 won
Teenagers 7,000 won
Children & Seniors 6,000 won
Infants (under 3 years) with parent enter free

Groups – Adults 7,000 won
Teenagers 6,000 won
Children & Seniors 5,000 won
Infants (under 3 years) 4,000 won

242, Buheung-ro, Gwangtan-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do
(경기도 파주시 광탄면 부흥로 242)

- Take the Seoul Subway Line No. 3 and get off at  Exit No. 8 at Samseong Station. 
- Cross the large intersection 80m to the bus stop. 
- Take Bus No. 703, and get off at Gwangtan Samgeori (3-way Intersection) Bus Stop. 
- Transfer to Bus 15 or 67 and get off at Domasan Elementary School Bus Stop. The Botanical Garden BCJ is located across the street.

I shall end this long review post here. I hope you enjoy this review. See you in the next one.

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