Kumoya x We Bare Bears Cafe in Singapore

by - March 20, 2021

Hi guys! Calling all fans of these three beloved bears from the popular Animated Series ‘We Bare Bears’! Today post is all about We Bare Bears Cafe. Among all the famous attractions in Singapore, The We Bare Bears Cafe is one of the most popular attraction and a must-visit place. There is a saying, if you haven't been here before, then you haven't been to Singapore! So, in this post will be literally all about my well spent sweetest moment at We Bare Bears Cafe. Big alert, if you're a bears fans. *Hands up!!!*

Finally, we had arrived at We Bare Bears Cafe. When we step in, we were so excited because we can't wait to start the tour. I’m not a fan of We Bare Bears but this place was awesome. When we got there, it was still pretty early so the place wasn’t crowded.

Here’s a look at what you can expect from the menu. You can view the menu at the outside.

View of the front of the We Bare Bears Cafe.

This view below will greet you when you step foot on the floor of the We Bare Bears Cafe. The staff lead us to our seats. But as soon as I sat down and quickly placed an order, I couldn’t stop taking photos. Every angle and corners are worth taking photos. Its just too cute!

You will absolutely adore this cafe. This place is truly a great place for photo-shooting because every corner is so instaworthy. 

The ceiling imparted a fantastic and cute view.

Decorated with Cartoon Network’s favorite characters Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear.

All the interior was so sweet and cute, I felt that I have fallen into something like a wonderland or dreamland.

You will especially fall in love with all the details put into We Bare Bears’ cafe.

They provide many dolls to accompany you during your dining and you can snap photos as much as you like. 

Each table has a We Bare Bears design and a little stuffed toy to keep you and your friends company. Remember to take snapshots, everything you see there are absolutely  "instagram-mable".

Look how cute they are!

I believed everyone has an inner child in them.

This place is just too cute to be missed.

This place had the most cute souvenir items. They were all so cute but they were a bit expensive.

Plenty of We Bare Bears merchandise on sale – from dolls, stationery, coin pouches and plush toys, fans are completely spoilt for choice.

You have to order your food here!

They also provide ketchup and chili sauce for those who want to add to their meal.

The foods and drinks are here! We had ordered the ice Lychee Tea, Grizzly’s Favourite Fruity Caramel Waffles, and Cool Bros Iced Latte. The food and drinks was a bit overpriced though comes out quite jazzed up with We Bare Bears. There are so many attractive foods on the menu but our stomach capacity are limited. lol

This place served Grizzly’s Favourite Fruity Caramel Waffles and is enough for 2-3 person. The Grizzly’s Favourite Fruity Caramel Waffles which was presented so well that I almost didn’t want to eat it. The fruity caramel waffles, although it wasn’t the best waffles I’ve had, it was still pretty delicious.

Iced lychee tea. I love the look and taste of this lychee tea.

Cool Bros Iced Latte. You order a cold drink, you can also bring home a We Bare Bears coasters. The latte had a We Bare Bears decoration in the foam topping and looked too cute to drink, but my friend did it anyway and messed up We Bare Bears' cookie. The latte was just okay, nothing too special.

Overall, the place is nice and the food is decent, remember that part of the price you’re paying for is for their We Bare Bears theme. So, if you’re only out there to eat, I’d suggest to go to a better restaurant. If you enjoy seeing cute things and all We Bare Bears stuff, then I would recommend you this place. You’ll definitely have fun instagramming everything from the interiors to the food because they were all on point.

Kumoya x We Bare Bears Cafe
Where: 8 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199320
When: 4 Jan to 12 Apr 2020

My friend will make a blog post about this cafe too, go and check her blog.

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  1. Wow fantastic place! This food looks so sweet and good <3

  2. Hope the pandemic ends soon, so we can go to some cute cafes again 🥰🥰

  3. I did not know about the 'We Bare Bears' animated series - it looks like a lot of fun to watch, and I love all of the Bare Bears decor in your photos at the We Bare Bears Cafe in Singapore!
    The dolls, decor, plushies, murals, walls, ceiling all look like a wonderfully fun atmosphere to enjoy those yummy looking fruity caramel waffles and iced lychee tea.
    It looks like it was fabulous being there!

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