My first ever Chanel unboxing

by - March 03, 2021

Hello guys! It is me talking about handbags - one of my favourite subjects, after clothes, shoes, jewellery and travel of course. haha. I am so excited to share my first ever Chanel unboxing with you all! It’d be a stretch to say that I was one of those girls who always dreamed of owning a Chanel bag one day. As fickle as I am, I spent many years feeling certain that Chanel just wasn’t for me, and looking back now, it’s a reminder to never say never.

This is going to be my most pricey post yet and this is my most recent Chanel handbag purchase and it might be my favorite!. Buying and owning a piece of Chanel is such an investment, and if you’re like me, and you like beautiful, hard-wearing handbags, you’ll appreciate this post.

In truth, yes: I had the money, I wanted the bag for a long time — and, hell, I worked really hard and I deserved it. Sometimes I simply can’t afford it, and other times I can afford it but still battle with the question of needing it versus wanting it. Could I afford this purchase? Did I need the bag?

When I was in Shinsegae Gangnam with a friend last year, I popped into the Chanel store just to see if they had the bag I wanted. Each store has a different inventory and, at least in the city, sometimes you end up on a wild goose chase to track something specific down. (Personally, I have not done that,  but I have been with friends through multiple stores and department stores to look for something.) When I told the salesperson what I was looking for, he lit up and said, “It’s the most beautiful and limited edition!” I took one look, knew it was “the one,” and without hesitation, I said, “I’ll take it.” And, shortly after that, my new Chanel was boxed and bagged, adorned beautifully with the signature white Chanel flower, I excitedly left.

You know that Chanel bags are classy, elegant and timeless. A bag from Chanel is always in style. These are the kind of bags that make a statement. Furthermore, you probably can never go wrong with going for Chanel. I had been waiting a long time for this moment and kept going back and forth on what I would want my first Chanel bag to be. I knew it had to be black, because its a classic color to both the brand and myself. So, which bags do you think are the best for me to buy my first ever Chanel?

There is a cloth to clean the channel bag, warranty card, and receipt for the bag's purchase. The bag is also neatly wrapped, and there is also a book of information about how to care for Chanel bags properly.

Instead of going the iconic route and getting the classic flap, I went with the Chanel Medium Pearl Boy Handbag Black in chevron! I had been loving the boy bag for a few years, it was edgy, but still classic, unique, and the perfect mix for me. I had been looking for a bag that was large enough to act as an "everyday" bag and this Chanel boy bag is perfect. The chain is a enough long to wear as a crossbody.

I'm very glad with my decision. By making that purchase, I eventually felt good about my decision for one reason: The splurge helped me understand the value of a money, which in turn helped me get both my money and my mind right. I truly appreciated the hours of hard work and hustle I had to put in each week to make that money. It also made me realize that if I wanted to have nice things, like that bag and still maintain my savings, I needed to cut down in other places. If I spent thousands on a bag, I had to spend much much less on clothing, for instance — something I was OK with, considering that styles change, sizes fluctuate and clothing can wear. To this day, with much more money in my bank account, I still live by the same rule.

I’m much more drawn to the chevron leather; it has a fresh and modern feel which I think gels a lot more with my personal style. The leather is the caviar leather, of which I finally understand the appeal – a lot of the lambskin bags I looked at in store had some minor visible marking – plus I love that it’s incredibly carefree and (relatively) low maintenance, two things I often look for when investing in a new handbag. The final detail is the ruthenium hardware, which I absolutely adore – I think the aged silver chain works perfectly against the rich black leather of the bag.

I love pairing it with jeans and simple t-shirt or dress for a casual look. The bag also looks incredible with evening and formal outfits.

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