Flowers by Naked Art Exhibit in Hongdae Korea

by - May 24, 2021

Hi everyone! This time, I'm gonna talk about FLOWERS BY NAKED. Among the whole art trip, my favourite place was Flowers by Naked Digital Art Exhibit in Hongdae, Seoul, Korea. It gave me a great natural experience with flowers. Not to mention attractions were amazing and it was basically made for Instagram and Blog. Obviously I had to do it.

Enough blabbing, seriously, here are some pictures!

You can take pictures first here before entering the show area.

The exhibit is located on the 4th floor of AK Plaza Hongdae (188 Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul).

Don't forget to grab the brochure which is located at the front counter.

The prologue of the narrative is displayed in a “BIG BOOK” which is a centerpiece of FLOWERS BY NAKED. This giant book comes alive, with petals that fly off the page and swirl around the room.

FLOWERS BY NAKED-Hongdae organized/produced by the media creative group Nature Labs, is a media exhibition composed of flower art works that live and breathe lively according to the circulation of nature. Experience the mystery of nature and the beauty of life that harmoniously coexist through media art that contains the emotion of flowers .

As visitors journey through the gardens, they will experience an immersive story melding the worlds of flowers and art.

The gate from the animation area to the bar is lined with a blooming floral mural.


Stand inside the Dandelion column and watch the seeds swirl up and around you.

Don't take off your mask!

Spring trail

Cherry blossom garden
In a shimmering space that seems to be lost in a kaleidoscope by a mirror, the sun shines even more. When you step into this radiant garden which is lit by the pouring sunlight, it will seem as if the entire world around you glows with the fiery light of our burning star. 

Moving on to the next section, let's take a look!


Glowing Garden

Big flower Garden

I was just blown away how everything turned out beautifully.

Flower wall

Secret of secret garden

There are too many types of souvenir to buy here, but the price they sell is very expensive.

I discovered this cute cafe in Flowers by Naked Digital Art Exhibit in the Hongdae area of Seoul, Korea. Come see it with me!

This Cafe has flowers all over their pretty white interior! 

You can take a tissue, a straw, a sugar here.

You can see the menu they have here!

I ordered a Flower garden tiramisu cake and Eder flower ade. I think the price is very expensive compared to other cafes, but it doesn't matter I just want to try it for the first time and the last time. lol

For Eder flower ade, the drink is very fresh and not too sweet.

The tiramisu cake is delicious and very rich in taste.

Overall, everyone was saying how beautiful the florals looked and I couldn’t agree more. FLOWERS BY NAKED - HONGDAE is an interactive multimedia exhibition that consists of various galleries with moving displays and colorful illuminations. The exhibition includes eight zones such as Glowing Garden, Dandelion - Breath of Bless, Chill, Cherry Blossom Garden and others. Flowers are the main theme of the exhibition, while the goal of the exhibition is to express the coexistence of nature and technology. 

If you’re in Seoul and you’ve never been to a Flowers by Naked exhibition before, you should go! It it’s an entertaining thing to do with friends, and worth seeing the different ways this new tech is blossoming. Thanks for reading! Catch us next time with another post.

Reservation information:
Adults 20,000 won / Teenagers 16,000 won / Children 12,000 won
Operating time: 11:00~22:00 (Last admission 21:00) / Open all year round
Exhibition Inquiry: 02-323-2055

Location of the exhibition:
Hall 4th floor of AK & Hongdae, 188 Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

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  4. Wow, this looks just incredible! I can't get over the amount of creativity and detail that went into this exhibit.
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  6. What an amazing exibition, the colours and the lights. You have captured the exibition well. TQ for sharing

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