The Garden of Morning Calm in the Gapyeong

by - June 09, 2021

Hello everyone! The Garden of Morning Calm (아침고요수목원) was the latest place that I had visited lately. What can you expect? The Garden of Morning Calm is located northeast of Seoul about 2 hours drive away. It’s a bit of travel time, but visiting the Garden of Morning Calm is the perfect day trip from Seoul! 

It originally got its fame from appearing in various Korean dramas, much like other attractions in the area.

You can buy entrance ticket at the check-in counter.

The Garden of Morning Calm is an arboretum located at the east of Seoul, in the Gapyeong district of South Korea. On 300,000 m², it houses 5,000 species of plants, some rare or endangered and attracts 600,000 tourists per year.

Let's go look inside the garden for things that make me happy. 

For those who love nature and are also fond of botanical gardens, head for the Garden of Morning Calm, one of the best and most beautiful gardens in Korea.

Enjoyed walking in the gardens, crossing on the suspension bridge.

The Garden of Morning Calm was founded by professor Sang-kyung Han (honorary professor of the Department of Horticulture, Sahmyook University) and it opened on May 11, 1996 as a private garden. He came up with the idea of establishing he beautiful, world-class garden while staying as an exchange professor in the US in 1993. The name Garden of Morning Calm originated from when Rabindranāth Tagore, an Indian poet, called Korea ‘the Land of Morning Calm.’ The founder and his employees have strived to embrace the natural beauty of Korea, oriental mystique, and the spirit of the Korean people in the garden. The design of the garden focused on curves, spaces and asymmetric balance, and Korea's unique beauty to express classic elegance and fabulousness.

Very fresh air. Do not be in a hurry when you visit. Take your time to enjoy the scenery. 

Splendidly surrounded by mountains, lush tall trees, well-trimmed grass and wonderfully arranged plants and flowers.

When visiting the Garden of Morning Calm, you can expect to see completely diffecent sceneries depending on the season you find yourself in Korea. Korea has 4 very well marked seasons, with hot summers, colourful autumn leaves, snowy white winters and green springs.

The garden is well-planned and the gardeners have done a great job designing the layout and maintaining the plants.

I came in the morning and enjoyed the cool crisp morning air with lesser crowd. When you are tired when walking around the park, you can sit on the bench that has been provided

In this garden there is also a shop that sells items made from herbs, such as perfumes, soaps, oils, and others.

I also shopped for some things at the garden shop, such as oil, magnets, and perfumes.

We having a drinks taking in the serene surroundings.

We order a drink at the counter

 The interior design are simple but aesthetic.

My husband and his friend ordered 2 glasses of Americano, and I ordered Yuja Ade.

If you feel hungry, don't worry, in front of the gate there are many shops selling food.

432 Sumogwon-ro, Sang-myeon, 상면 Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do

Overall, Garden of Morning Calm is worth the trip. The view is so calm and serene. The trees, the flowers and the landscape is a feast for the eyes. If you are planning to go here, you need at least half a day to finish walking the whole garden. Hopefully you guys enjoy reading this post as well. 

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  1. My goodness. What a gorgeous place! Your pictures are just breathtaking. It looks like an incredible place to spend some time.
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  4. Garden of Morning Calm, what a unique name. It is a peaceful place, amazingly filled with flowers of so many colours


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