UMU popular dessert cafes in Jeju

by - June 26, 2021

Hey guys! If you feel bored read my blog posts to spend some time, Ok?! I got a lot of blog posts for you to read by the way. Hahaha. 

There are famous and popular dessert cafes in this area of Jeju. Have you ever had Korean UMU pudding? UMU pudding is a desert related to egg custard that is made of sugar and milk and is thickened with gelatin or corn starch; it is more softer. No matter what you call it, it’s insanely good.

Let's get inside and let me introduce you! When people want to go inside, a team can only enter the room of two to 3 people because the place is tiny, and there is no place to sit in the cafe.

Agar agar Plant
Agar is derived from red algae and is comprised of a mix of large polysaccharide agarose molecules and smaller, heterogeneous molecules called agaropectin.

They also sell the cute accessories it sells with their distinctive Umu logo.

They have 4 different flavors pudding; Greentea, Earlgrey, Chocolate, Custard.

I bought all the pudding flavors to try. If you can’t eat it within an hour, they’ll include a small ice pack for you to keep it cool. 

Selfie with Umu logo. This gate is definitely instaworthy and it is the one that you normally saw it on Instagram.

Umu paper bag

Chocolate and custard pudding

Greentea pudding

Earlgrey pudding

It’s delicious, creamy, smooth, thick, firm-yet-soft, Umu is the perfect dessert. Although the location is quite far away from our hotel, we still willing to spend our time to visit this cafe. See how much we showed our love. Hahaha. It is better worth it.

For those readers who live in Jeju, it's a must-visit cafe for you all. For me, if a cafe looks pretty and cute but the food is not tasty, I wouldn't be revisiting that place again. So, food is important to me. LOL

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  1. Chętnie by zjadł taki pyszny budyń
    Pozdrawiam. :)

  2. Wow, this is so cool! Thanks for letting us know :D

    - Aishu

  3. Boa tarde. Gostaria de lhe convidar a seguir o meu Blogger também. Parabéns pelo seu excelente trabalho.

  4. This café looks cute!

  5. Never heard of Earl Gray Pudding.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  6. Ummmm, qué buena pinta tiene todo!!!

    Me gusta tu blog.


  7. This cafe is super cute with their logo.
    And it looks delicious ! I would love to try theses pudding.
    I lived in Korea for a year and I'm so sad I didn't visit Jejudo.

  8. que original, seguro que lo disfrutasteis

  9. I ll like the choc very much but probably not the green tea. Puddings, jellies and ice cream are popular here as it is hot and humid. Will try umu if i ever get to Korea. I am so keen to hav a holiday after one and a half years of total or partial lock down. Want to break free.

  10. Wow this cafe looks so cute and delicious! I want to try them all xx !

    Mari |


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